On this page we will explain how to best prepare for a job interview. It is important to prepare well for a job interview. Due to corona, it is also possible that the interview will take place online. We will also give tips on this.

Interview preparation

  1. Research the company

    Google their website and learn about what the company offers. What are their programs, values, and projects they’re currently working on? What is their mission/vision?
  1. Match your outfit to the company

    It is important to understand what the clothing etiquettes are at the company. Are you going to interview at an office? Then dress formally. Are you going to something more informal? Then wear something casual.
  1. Practice makes perfect

    By practising often, you will enter the conversation prepared. Don't know how to practise? With us you can make an appointment to practice!
  1. Materials

    Be prepared for what the company asks of you. For example, do they ask you to bring your resume? If so, don't forget it. It is also always useful to bring a notebook. If you have any questions you can write them down, there and suggest them. That way you won't forget.

In the interview

  1. Show up early!

    It is important to be on time. Preferably arrive 5 to 10 minutes early.
  1. Watch your body language

    Be confident during the interview. By preparing yourself well about the company, you will not encounter any surprises.
  1. Always answer honestly

    It is important to always give honest answers. It is not a problem to take some time to think about your answer. You can also ask your employer for time to think about it.
  1. Questions?

    Also take your time or try to ask questions in between. These questions can be about the requested character traits or the whole work process. You can also take the time to ask other questions you have formulated.
  1. Follow up!

    After the job interview, it is good to thank the employer and say that you are open to a second interview.

Video interview tips

  1. Select a good location

    The background should be neutral and not too busy. There should be no unnecessary things in the picture. Good light is also important. That way the employer can see you clearly.


  1. Check your microphone and camera

    Check beforehand that your microphone and camera are working. Then you won't encounter any surprises during the interview. Also check the light and the angle at which you can be seen.


  1. Follow the tips and tricks given above!

    If the interview is online via Zoom, Teams or Skype, the tips given earlier are still relevant.


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