How to write your cover letter & resume

Cover Letter

  1. Introduce yourself

    This is the first impression the company has of you. Think carefully about how you present yourself. Above all, be honest during the introduction.

    - Who am I?
    - What is my motivation?
  1. What does the employer expect from you?

    Describe your experiences with what the employer expects of you. Write down the experiences you have had or the skills you have had.  Write your experiences, in relation to their needs.

    - To what extent can you meet their needs?
    - Why should they choose you?
    - What added value do you bring to the company?
    - On the basis of what experiences do you think you are suitable for this job?
  1. Not too long and not too short!

    In general, your cover letter should not be more than 1 page. You should be as concise as possible and describe your qualities in a clear way. If you write too long, the employer may not want to read it. Remember that you should not write too short either. It is important to keep to one page.
  1. Write formally

    Remember the setting you are writing this letter for. It is an application for a job. Then it is important to write formally. Avoid slang.

    See the link below for more cover letter tips and an example:

     Cover letter tips


In general:

- The font you use should not be bigger than 11

- Use a professional font such as: Garamond, Arial, Times New Roman, Calibri, etc.

- No unnecessary pictures. A passport photo of yourself is allowed.

- Use titles to indicate different topics such as: jobs, scholarships.

- Don't forget your contact information such as e-mail and phone number.


Just like your cover letter, it is important to keep your resume short. If you have a lot of experience you can keep it to two pages. If you have little experience you can keep it to one page.

This is also a piece of advice. If you can fill two pages with relevant information you can do that too.

Check out the link below for more resume tips and an example:

Resume tips

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